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AppController is a relatively simple application written in C# to automatically start and stop applications.

The motivation for writing AppController is to be able to stop any filesharing applications (or other CPU intensive applications) while recording TV shows on the computer. The recorder software I have for my video capture card allows me to schedule what times I want to start and stop recording. The problem is that most filesharing applications can take a significant amount of CPU time. As a result a high percentage of frames get dropped when capturing video. Using AppController I can stop the file sharing application before the video capture begins and then restart it when the video capture is finished.

AppController was written in C# using the "Microsoft Development Environment 2003" and uses the "Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1". The .NET Framework can be downloaded at:

To build AppContoller simply open the AppController.sln project file and build the solution.

When using AppController double click on the field you want to change and a dialog box will open.

Here are some screen shots:
Main window
Application Settings
Start/Stop Time Settings

Download AppController
Click here to download the AppController binary (AppController.exe)
Click here to download the AppController source code

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