Avissar Software

This site contains software that is an ongoing project. There are several projects underway. Two projects have currently been completed: Dftpd and IndiFTPD -- both in the Beta stage. They are both FTP servers with different purposes. IndiFTPD is a very simple server that is entirely contained in a single binary. Dftpd is a much larger server with many configuration options and capabilities. Both servers contain the same core code. For now the primary goal is to continue to maintain Dftpd and IndiFTP. Some other embedded system and other miscellaneous projects have also been added. The progress of future software projects depends on many factors and it is hard to guess when things will be completed. Hopefully there will be more software releases in the near future.

Current Products/Projects
Below are the products/projects that are currently available.

Dftpd is a full featured FTP server and is designed to run as a service. It has many capabilities including remote administration and the ability to distribute among multiple computers (servers).

IndiFTPD is a stand-alone FTP server designed for situations when a user wants to quickly start up a server without going through an installation. It contains the essential FTP features as well as many advanced features and configuration options.
The IndiFTPD source code is now available for download.

Embedded section contains a few projects, written in C, for the Atmel AVR microcontroller. The current projects are SEOS (Simple Embedded Operating System) and tiny-utils (simple C modules for very small processors).

The Open Source section contains miscellaneous open source projects written out of personal interest.

- last updated 12/14/2003